Fish Processing, Packaging and Shipping

We take care of your fish with the same level of expertise as we do our guests. Big Sky Charter offers cleaning, filleting, vacuum sealing and freezing on-site in our processing facility. We use commercial grade vacuum sealers for maximum protection against freezer burn. If fish is kept frozen you can expect about one year of shelf life.

Our Big Sky staff will clean, vacuum pack and freeze your fish for $1.40 per pound finished frozen weight. As our guest fish freezing and storage is complimentary. Those not utilizing the processing services will be charged $1.00 per pound to freeze and store your fish. Complementary fish processing is included in our most popular fishing combo's.

Big Sky provides airline-approved fish boxes - 50 lbs max. Fish need 12 - 24 hours of freezing time before departure to ensure it will travel in a frozen state. (Please note this is not a guarantee. Big Sky Charter cannot be held responsible for your fish after it leaves our Fishcamp.)

Guests traveling home to warmer climates or possibly subject to long layovers should consider expedited shipping by independent carriers or pack in coolers with dry ice.

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