Saltwater Fishing

Alaskan Halibut Graphic

Alaskan Halibut Fishing

Are you ready to catch monsters? Pacific halibut lurk in the depths of Cook Inlet, devouring anything unlucky enough to cross their path! A “small” Cook Inlet halibut weighs around 20 pounds, and the “barn doors” weigh in between 100 to 200+ pounds! We’ve accumulated decades worth of knowledge on where Cook Inlet halibut like to congregate. We will take you to our favorite “honey holes,” drop lines, and let the action begin! Halibut have a delicious, rich, white meat, and each fish provides 4 thick fillets. Make space in your freezer!

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Yelloweye Fishing

Brilliantly colored from orange-yellow to orange-red, yelloweye rockfish are one of the most well-known and prized of Alaska’s rockfish species. Deserving of their name, yelloweye are easily recognized by the bright yellow of their eyes. They can grow to be up to 36 inches which makes them one of the largest rockfish species. They can also be among the oldest fish in the sea at their maximum age of 121 years. Yelloweye are often called red snapper, but should not be confused with the red snapper found in the Gulf of Mexico, which is a different species. Other names for yelloweye include Pacific red snapper, red rock cod, and yellow belly. Available also on the long range, halibut combo trips.

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Lingcod Fishing

Lingcod are best described as big, ugly bullies. These ferocious predators are relatively easy to catch, if you know where they live. And, of course, we do. Contrary to their name, they are not true cods, but are greenlings. Lingcod can grow to weigh over 80 pounds and measure 60 inches in length. They are characterized by a large mouth with 18 sharp teeth. Strict size and slot limits are mandated and can change from year to year. Available also on the long range, halibut combo trips.

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Other Bottomfish Fishing

There are more than 30 species of rockfish in Alaskan waters and are typically divided into two groups: Pelagic and Non-pelagic. Pelagic rockfish are found in open water close to rocky structures and include black bass, yellowtail, and dusky rockfish. Non-pelagic rockfish reside in deep water and are a bottom-dwelling fish. Species include yelloweye, quillback, silvergray, and copper rockfish. Rockfish are specifically vulnerable to overharvesting and depletion because of their poor ability to survive release due to the presence of a swim bladder. Big Sky Charter supports the use of rockfish descending devices to greatly increase survival rates.

Alaskan Halibut Graphic
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Saltwater Combos

The ultimate Alaska fishing adventure charters target multiple species. Depending on the seasonal timing of runs and regulations, saltwater combo trips may include silver salmon, king salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and yelloweye. Saltwater combo fishing trips typically run to the far reaches of Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska, accessing remote and sparsely fished waters. Expect to see all kinds of marine wildlife on these trips, and to have plenty of space in your freezer back home for all the fish you will catch.

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